BAE Online Cyber Risk Assessment Tool

BAE Systems has on Nov 17, 2016 introduced its new online cyber risk assessment tool, allowing Malaysian organisations to assess their cybersecurity preparedness and understand areas where they may be vulnerable to attack.

The tool, which measures an organisation’s cyber security preparedness across 10 key elements of ICT security, including incident response and information management, was developed in response to global research indicating the potential weaknesses in businesses’ cyber security measures, including in Malaysia.

BAE found that 95% of respondents believe their organisation has the right security controls in place.

Yet more than half (51%) of those surveyed said they had experienced a cyber attack in the past year, with the average cost being at least RM1,712,360. Almost every day we learn about new, sophisticated cyber attacks that have wreaked havoc on targeted organisations. For organisations to be protected against the growing cyber threat, it takes more than just building a firewall, but awareness at top management levels.

Access the Cyber Risk tool here: