Google Accounts Hacked - 1.3 Million Android Phones Infected

As you know, it was recently discovered that hackers have gained access to more than 1.3 million Google accounts by infecting Android phones through illegitimate apps. Gooligan is spreading at an alarming rate, with reports stating that since the start of this month, it’s been racking up an average of 13,000 new infections every day.

If you are covering this news as it unfolds, you might be interested in using the following tips from Sophos’ Director for ASEAN & Korea, Sumit Bansal, on how users can protect themselves from an attack like Googligan:

Sophos Director for ASEAN & Korea, Sumit Bansal
  • Don't enable 3rd party installs.
  • Avoid the alternative app markets as best you can, because some of the “stores” could have malicious apps. If you must download an “essential” app, make sure it’s from a trusted developer.
  • Always use security software, such Sophos Free Antivirus and Security for Android, a free tool for security on mobile devices.
  • Businesses can us Sophos Mobile Control, a security tool for companies that controls access to third party markets on BYOD.
  • Make sure your phone is always updated to the latest version, as this particular attack only affected old versions.
  • Don't click on unsolicited links, even on your phone. Think of your phone as an extension of your computer. Phishing emails and SMS texts with links to malicious URLs are just as dangerous on your phone.
  • If you suspect or can confirm you've been breached, change your password and turn on two factor authentication (2FA) if you haven't already done so.
  • If you have been compromised, resetting your phone to factory settings can’t hurt.


Unknown said…
This is nightmare of every PC user - risk of losing data, uninstalling the half of programms. Meh.