Screenshots Dec 2016

Refer to Screenshots Nov 2016.

1.) is blacklisted by McAfee WebAdvisor.

2.) Citibank updates the payments and fees structure

Check out the details.

3.) Dropbox drops the Public folder concept in favor of shared link concept.

Any folder can be made public.

4.) Google promotes 8 core mobile apps.

Google App, Photos, Allo, Duo, Gmail, Chrome, Maps, Youtube

5.) Grammarly announced 50% discount.

6.) Maxis - Convert paper bill to eBill entitles one to RM 10 rebates.

Monthly or just one-time ? Not sure yet.

7.) Maybank - Initiative to Develop the Onshore Financial Market

8.) ODBC - Online card activation service.

All Malaysian banks were busy exercising replacement of all credit card holders with PIN-enabled credit cards and the deadline is on 31st Dec 2016.

9.) Yahoo Webmail Incorporates Phone Verification Features.

10.) Youtube caters a feature whereby viewing of videos can be restricted according to geographical location - based on IP filtering I supposed.