Screenshots Nov 2016

Refer to Screenshots Oct 2016.

1.) 11th Street offered discounts for Samsung products.

2.) Airbnb China has to comply with local laws and regulations (China), including privacy and information disclosure laws ....

3.) Citibank Online Credit Card Pin Activation Steps.

All Malaysian banks were busy exercising replacement of all credit card holders with PIN-enabled credit cards and the deadline is on 31st Dec 2016.

4.) Trump led the election day from zero-hour to the 11th hour - he won the election unprecedentedly.

5.) hacked ??? 

No, it was typed wrongly as - Isn't this considered sub-domain hacked ?

6.) Big discounts near Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

7.) 11.11

8.) Mozilla Firefox raised funds for 2017 through public donations.

They only need USD 3 from each user of Firefox.