VAV Raises RM2.5 Million in Funding to Accelerate Commercialization of Soundwave-based Technology Solutions

Jan 5, 2017 - Kuala Lumpur:

VAV Apps Sdn. Bhd. (VAV), a sound media technology solutions company, today announced that it has secured RM2.5 million in funding from Axiata Digital Innovation Fund (ADIF). Managed by Intres Capital Partners, the fund will be used by VAV to finance technical deployment of its soundwave-based solutions as well as to accelerate their commercialization in Malaysia. In addition, VAV also plans to use the funding to further explore overseas markets including China.

VAV focuses on developing technology solutions that are based on inaudible soundwaves to transmit digital content to smartphones – a new alternative for any organization to engage with their audiences or consumers. For instance, a television company can embed VAV’s product called VAV Tone into their programs to set call-to-actions on viewers’ smartphones during air time. The broadcaster can invite viewers to vote in a song contest program, as well as, notify them of promotion deals from their advertisers or any customized message of their choice.

Prior to raising the funding from ADIF VAV has successfully secured a RM500,000 grant from Cradle Fund Sdn. Bhd.’s program of CIP 500, earlier last year, and, another RM500,000 raised in 2015 from Unit Peneraju Agenda Bumiputera (TERAJU) under their program called Superb Grant.

Mr. Wan Kamarul Zaman Wan Yaacob, Executive Chairman of VAV said, “Our team has put in a lot of man hours since the beginning to develop and fine tune our innovative technological solutions that are going to revolutionize and integrate the traditional broadcast media with the digital media. This, we believe is going to positively impact the broadcast, advertising and promotional sectors that we are currently offering our solutions to.”

“Through VAV applications, businesses will be able to optimize their promotional and advertising campaigns as well as to be able to track campaign results and measure their impacts on a real-time basis,” Wan Kamarul Zaman explained.

“This timely injection of fund by Axiata Digital Innovation Fund (ADIF) will allow VAV to fast track and gear up the marketing of the VAV solutions to more media companies such as TV and radio stations, online broadcasters, telcos, SMEs and event management companies to help them enhance their advertising campaigns,” Wan Kamarul Zaman continued.

Amin Shafie, Partner at Intres Capital Partners said, “We believe VAV has the right team to kick-off the business. Furthermore, with the investment and partnership from ADIF, VAV would be able to take its first steps to go regional with its innovative media technology and solutions.”

Meanwhile, Addie Leong Qi Jie, Chief Marketing Officer of VAV explained, “We have successfully in 2016, introduced our VAV plug-ins which allow vendors and service providers to embed our VAV software development kit (SDK) into their own mobile apps. This is another area we would like to concentrate on going forward. The funding from ADIF helps support this mission too.”

About VAV technology solutions:
  • VAV Online Control Panel - an online management software system which includes the function to edit, manage, schedule, and track any VAV Content to be triggered by the VAV Tone whenever the User activates the VAV SDK.
  • VAV Tone - an inaudible audio signal that can be embedded into any music or video soundtrack and such the embedded inaudible audio signal will trigger a call to action or multimedia content, in a mobile device whenever the User activates the VAV SDK.
  • VAV SDK - a software development kit that can be plugged-in into a mobile application running on either iOS or Android operating system and has the ability to decode a VAV Tone and trigger a VAV Content managed by the VAV Online Control Panel whenever the User activates the VAV SDK.