Financio - Cloud Accounting Software for Start-up Companies (Review)

Check this out.. throw away your Excel sheets.

Open your favourite web browser, start your favourite search engine and search 'Financio'.

Click on the first result.

Click 'Login'

Click 'SIGN UP'.

It is https enabled.

Follow instruction to sign up.

Click 'New Business'

Select the currency.

Next thing is to configure the system.

Click 'Setup Now'.

You will be guided through a 6 steps process.

Step 1: Financial year selection
Step 2: Currency selection
Step 3: GST - yes or no ?
Step 5: Opening balance --> This step is a bit confusing for Accounting dummies like me.

The only thing I understand is 'Cash on Hand', hence, I key in RM 1000.

After that, I click next.

And the system scolded me with the following error:

General: Credit total must be equal debit total - what this means ???

I couldn't go next ...

Now, I simply key in 'Shareholder's Capital' with RM 1000

And it works!!!!

Step 6: Business profile.

Finished - really easy and simply.

In terms of pricing, there are two version - the premium version costs only RM 32.95 / month.

You get to subscribe monthly basis, as soon as it expires, your account will be switched from Premium to Free.

The free version doesn't support, among other things, GST.

Check out the knowledgebase.