Reporting Huawei Q1 2017 Activities

In the recent Visual Studio 2017 launch, it was highlighted that Huawei has 80,000 software developers.

That workforce alone (software department) is bigger than the combine workforce of the largest company in Malaysia - Maybank has 45,000 employees in total.

In other words, Huawei is bigger than you think !!!

Digital Transformation Forum

During recent Digital Transformation Forum - held on the eve of Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona - Huawei outlined its role as an all-round strategic partner to countries looking to advance economic and social development. Huawei is committed to creating value for communities by collaborating with operators to help them maximize network assets, deploy home broadband and indoor digitalization, and drive connectivity to enhance the user experience, while promoting economic and social growth.

William Xu, Executive Director of the Board and Chief Strategy Marketing Officer of Huawei, outlined opportunities for growth in emerging markets

"By 2025, we will see 2 billion more people with mobile connections, and another 500 million broadband homes. Our commitment has always been to enable world’s operators to build roads to new growth," Mr. Xu emphasized. "Huawei continues to drive its social responsibility to help emerging markets grow by at least 1 GCI point while guaranteeing coverage in times of major world events or natural disasters."

CeBIT 2017

At CeBIT 2017 in Germany, Huawei has made several announcements pertaining to this year’s theme of Leading New ICT, The Road to Digital Transformation. Kindly find below a brief summary of the announcements and the full media releases attached for your perusal.

Huawei joined hands with 100 partners to exhibit at CeBIT  2017

Huawei Attends CeBIT 2017 with 100 Partners to Advance Digital Transformation

Huawei is joining hands with 100 partners to exhibit ICT strategies and solutions under the theme of "Leading New ICT, The Road to Digital Transformation". Huawei is demonstrating innovative ICT and solutions across business, technology, and ecosystem exhibition areas, and is sharing digital transformation best practices and methodologies to help global customers and partners advance their digital businesses.

Huawei and Software AG to Deliver Complete Internet of Things Solution

Huawei has announced a new partnership with Software AG to support the increasing demand from companies for a complete one-stop-shop, Internet of Things (IoT) solution. The partnership will deliver the hardware and software needed to provide a cloud based IoT platform and the streaming analytic capabilities at the edge of the IoT that will allow for maximum speed and flexibility in operational and strategic decisions and responses.

Huawei Announces Collaboration with Honeywell to Develop Smart Building Offerings

Huawei announced that it is collaborating with Honeywell to bring to market smart building offerings that take advantage of the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to help make buildings more sustainable, secure and energy efficient. Through the collaboration, the two companies will jointly pursue large-scale smart city projects globally to help city administrators build intelligent urban infrastructures that enable them to control costs while making their cities desirable and livable for their residents.

Huawei Signs MoU with MetaSystem to Help Develop the Connected Car Industry

Huawei signed a pivotal Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on March 20 with MetaSystem, a world leader in the UBI (usage-based insurance) market at CeBIT 2017. The signing will see Huawei work with MetaSystem Italy to develop connected car applications and provide a variety of end-to-end UBI solutions for the industry.

Zhang Xiwei, VP of Huawei's Cloud Core Network Product Line, and  Giuseppe Simonazzi,CEO of MetaSystem

MetaSystem CEO Giuseppe Simonazzi highlighted that an increasing number of vehicles are being switched from traditional engines to either hybrid or electric engines. In addition to this, the concept of Vehicles as a Service (VaaS) is gaining popularity, which increases demand for sensors and other on-board equipment.

Huawei Ushers in New Era of Enterprise Wireless Communications at CeBIT

Huawei has released a next-generation wireless communications solution, empowering enterprises to succeed in the digital age. The solution integrates voice, video, intercom, monitoring, IoT, and other services into a single system while providing industry-grade reliability and availability on both licensed and unlicensed bands. By 2020, it is estimated that enterprises around the world will create approximately 7 billion connections. In an ever-changing connected world, Huawei’s new solution will accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises, laying a solid foundation for this new era.