INTERPOL World 2017 Congress to lead industry dialogue for a unified approach to combat future crime

The ever-evolving global security challenges faced by the law enforcement agencies in the 21st century requires stakeholders from all around the globe to work together to make the world a safer place. The threats are increasingly daring and sophisticated, with security breaches in the beginning of 2017 in cities that were considered the safest in the world.

INTERPOL World 2017, the global exhibition and congress platform, returns to Singapore this year to bring law enforcement agencies, government bodies, academia, security professionals and solution providers together to foster collaborations in addressing future security challenges.

In its second edition, the INTERPOL World Congress will see a brand-new structure, with three dedicated tracks – Cybercrime (4 July), Safe Cities (5 July) and Identity Management (6 July) – featuring over 40 speakers across the public sectors, such as:
  • Arthur Holland Michel, Co-Director, Center for the Study of the Drone, Bard College
  • Cheri McGuire, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Standard Chartered
  • Dr Donato Colucci, Senior Regional Immigration and Border Management Specialist, International Organization for Migration (IOM)
  • Jim Pitkow, Chair Technical Task Force, Thorn
  • Michael Hershman, Group CEO, International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS)
  • Nils Andersen-Röed, Operational Specialist / Project Leader Darkweb Team, Dutch National Police
  • Rob Leslie, Chief Executive Officer, Sedicii Innovations Limited (World Economic Forum’s 2015 Technology Pioneer)