The ETHERnet Fax Machine (Review)

The idea is pretty straight forward : you want to send and receive fax without having a land line and a fax device. Period.

In retrospect, almost all businesses in Malaysia are still using fax machine which many are conventional type - latest fax machines are usually hybrid type which combines fax via telephony channel or Internet.

And etherFAX is the wrapper for all that - it is analogous to cloud based contemporary fax machine.

EtherFAX caters three methods of faxing:

I.) From your email such as gmail - send your email to

II.) From MS Office - send your documents to etherFAX online fax printer.

II.) From etherFAX web site known as etherFAX web console.

3 channels of operation

Getting Started ?

Step 1 : Select a package.

Step 2 : Click 'subscribe'.

Step 3 : Choose a fax number

Step 4 : Fill up account info

Step 5 : Fill up contact info

Final step: Payment.

Packages and pricing

Fax is received in two modes : 1.) Login to your account at etherFAX web console; 2.) via email as PDF attachment.


1.) Using etherFAX web console

2.) Send fax using your email

Check out infographic on the state of faxing in general.