INTERPOL World 2017 to Showcase the Latest Innovations for Future Security Challenges

Jun 8, 2017 -  SG -

The stage is set for INTERPOL World 2017 as it readies to welcome over 10,000 law enforcement agencies, government bodies, academia, solution providers, security professionals, and buyers from around the globe.

In its second edition this year, INTERPOL World, comprising the INTERPOL World Congress and Exhibition, promises an immersive experience covering the latest innovations, best practices, and thought leadership aimed at accelerating timely and accurate responses to future global security challenges.

Experiencing the technology – facial recognition at INTERPOL World 2017 Congress

Delegates will get to experience the latest access control and identity management technologies. NEC Corporation’s facial recognition technology, NeoFace®, together with Zoom Tech’s ZOOMGATE, will be deployed at the entrance to the INTERPOL World Congress.

When integrated, the technologies allow for swift and accurate authentication for a seamless and secure entry into the Congress. Delegates’ facial images will be captured and matched against the pre-enrolled face images in the database right at the entrance gate, as part of NEC Corporation’s Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

“NeoFace®, the world’s most accurate and fastest face recognition software[1], will provide an immersive experience for delegates at the INTERPOL World 2017 Congress, demonstrating the potential of biometric technologies in security and access control,” Mr Tan Boon Chin, Managing Director of Global Safety Division, NEC Corporation said.

“ZOOMGATE’s integrable firmware presents state-of-the-art seamless identification and controlled operations enhanced access control, which can greatly improve not just building security but also large-scale events such as INTERPOL WORLD 2017,” Mr Andy Liang, Zoom Tech Pte Ltd.

An amalgamation of innovations from around the world

INTERPOL World 2017 Exhibition will feature the latest array of solutions for public safety, identity management, biometrics, forensics, investigations and cybercrime.

Identity theft incidents are escalating, raising interests in more secure authentication technologies that utilise unique human characteristics for credentials. Sierra Solutions will be showcasing EyeLock Nano NXT, an iris-based biometric technology that authenticates people in-motion and at-a-distance with unparalleled accuracy.

Another constant challenge for law enforcement is in securing and managing borders. SICPA’s EXTENS® SmartStamp is a machine-readable travel stamp that combines material and digital technologies to contain both static and dynamic data about travellers and their trips, thus allowing border control authorities to immediately access previously unattainable data.

The use of robots in law enforcement is also gaining traction and the worldwide market for law enforcement robots is estimated to reach USD 5.7 billion by 2022, an increase from USD 1 billion in 2015[2]. Oneberry’s RoboGuard™ is an innovative security deterrent that combines intelligent surveillance cameras equipped with video analytics and alarm triggers, with robust hardware to support proactive remote monitoring.

In all, over 200 companies from 30 countries and regions will be showcasing solutions at the Exhibition, underlining INTERPOL World’s position as the platform to foster innovation for future security challenges.

Participants can explore mutually beneficial collaborations and broaden their networks through a value-added business matching service, which allows them to pre-schedule meetings to maximize their time at the event.

Technology insights and know-how at the INTERPOL World Theatres

Complementing the products and solutions showcased on the exhibition floor, the INTERPOL World Theatres is a carefully curated programme featuring seminar and workshop sessions that lend practical technical insights to address current and emerging security issues. Solution providers and subject experts will share the latest industry trends and exclusive case studies to help professionals keep up to date with the rapidly evolving industry.

Two theatres will feature sessions on mobile biometrics, AI, machine learning, IoT botnets, audit CCTV, data centre security, digital forensics and more; led by subject experts such as Arbor Networks, Cellebrite, Cross Border Research Association (CBRA), Data Centre Dynamics, EC-Council Group, Microsoft Corporation, Oracle, SecureAge Technology, Sierra Solutions and TNO, among others. The full programme is available online at

Cybersecurity was initially the sole concern of CISOs and CIOs but CEOs and board members have now taken a vested interest and responsibility in their organisations’ security. Recognising the need to impart knowledge to the boards and C-suite executives, KPMG and IEEE will be running a half-day workshop across two days (5-6 July) to educate them on cybersecurity. ECU and IEEE will also be conducting a session on Forensics Computing on 6 July while CCTP will put together a session on threat mitigation and predictive profiling.

INTERPOL World – the global hub for collaboration, exchange and networking

INTERPOL World 2017 will host eight national groups from France, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea (Rep. of), Singapore, Switzerland, and the United States as well as delegation groups from Australia, Bhutan, France, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria and the Philippines, among others, signifying a strong global interest in the shared conversation to combat future crime.

Lending expertise in shaping the Congress agenda, S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS), together with INTERPOL, has curated a programme discussing key issues in today’s security landscape. Broad-stroke macro dialogues, are supplemented with case studies and operational perspectives by solution providers to shape a robust, all-rounded programme for delegates. The Congress will address pressing concerns via three dedicated tracks – Cybercrime (4 July), Safe Cities (5 July) and Identity Management (6 July).

INTERPOL World 2017 is owned by INTERPOL and supported by Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs, the World Economic Forum (WEF), Singapore Exhibition & Convention Bureau, ASEANAPOL, Europol and Gulf Cooperation Council Police (GCCPOL), as well as leading trade organizations such as Asian Professional Security Association, Association of Information Security Professionals, the International Association for Counterterrorism and Security Professionals (IACSP), International Aviation Security Association (IASA), and the International Organization for Migration (IOM), among others.

INTERPOL World 2017 Congress will be held from 4 to 6 July, alongside the INTERPOL World Exhibition, which will take place from 5 to 7 July. For more information, please visit