NTT Communications Launches World’s Largest SD-WAN Footprint Covering Over 190 Countries

Jun 21, 2017 :

NTT Communications has launched a new SD-WAN service portfolio that will set new, world’s first industry benchmarks for scale, performance, capabilities, and beyond.

With this new comprehensive solution, NTT Communications will become the world’s first provider to deploy a 100 percent global software-defined network through local cloud centres, offering a rich suite of overlay SD-WAN services for global and regional enterprises. The software-defined framework offers flexibility and compatibility with over 1,000 local network providers and is also the first SD-WAN platform with coverage spanning over 190 countries. The announcement follows NTT’s acquisition of Virtela, a leader in software defined networking, and the resulting formation of an extensive network across the globe.

This portfolio launch comes at a time when organizations are rapidly embracing digital transformation and are looking towards software-defined solutions to cater to constantly shifting requirements. In fact, analysts have predicted that SD-WAN will grow to be a US$1.3 billion market by 2020 and will also comprise up to 25% of the current WAN market by 2019. With NTT’s new SD-WAN service portfolio, the shift from legacy to a software-defined framework can be carried out in a cost-effective way, while maintaining scalability and without the need to revamp current network connectivity in individual global offices.

NTT SD-WAN platform is based on a groundbreaking architecture that is locally distributed around the world via 75+ local cloud centers (LCCs), optimized for network, mobility, and security services. NTT SD-WAN real-time streaming network analytics offers CIOs and their IT staff deep insight into application performance, network security, and the end-user experience. The platform also supports the delivery of services from customer premises equipment located at customer branch offices.