What is Automated Open Source Risk Assessment Solution

I got this from Flexera Software newsletter - quite interesting though.

More than 50% of the codebase in most commercial software packages is open source. Most organizations typically know less than 10% of what is actually used.

Scan Your Build for OSS Vulnerabilities

FlexNet Code Aware integrates into your build process, scanning your product for security and intellectual property (IP) compliance risk -- before you ship. It's just one more way to reduce security headaches down the road. And when you combine FlexNet Code Aware with InstallShield or InstallAnywhere -- or any other installer -- you've got a head start on a user-friendly, error-free installation.

Be safe and make FlexNet Code Aware a standard part of your build process:
  • Perform fast, automated scans of your products in seconds
  • Quickly identify the number of open source and third party packages with security and IP vulnerabilities
  • Assess your level of operational risk

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