Software AG: A Decade of Leadership in Enterprise Architecture Tools

Jul 14, 2017 -

Software AG announced today that Gartner, Inc., a leading industry analyst firm, named Software AG a Leader in its 2017 “Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture Tools,” published on May 24, 2017. This is the tenth consecutive year that Gartner has assessed the company’s Alfabet Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) product and named it a Leader.

Anneliese Schulz, Vice President of Software AG Asia, noted: “I believe that being named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture Tools underscores how essential Software AG’s Alfabet is in delivering the critical insights and planning capabilities necessary to become a digital enterprise. With 50% of companies in Asia Pacific predicted to depend on the ability to create digitally-enhanced products, services and experiences, our customers in the region are in a highly competitive market space and success in the digital world is essential.”

Software AG also released the latest version of Alfabet (version 10). This new release includes key functionality, including:
  • Operational project management for ensuring project execution is closely tied to project investment decisions
  • Full bi-directional integration with the ServiceNow® IT Service Management (ITSM) solution
  • Application Programming Interface (API) planning and portfolio management to better manage the complexity of integrated applications inherent with digitalization
  • Planning and management of technical networks as part of the technology architecture to strengthen application security and build a foundation for IoT solution development
  • Capture and visualization of information flows between application deployments to better understand the physicality of data flows, e.g., to know where data is destined to be processed, stored and moved to as required by GDPR

Alfabet is part of Software AG’s GDPR framework and provides the means to find, record and classify personal data and the systems that process it, as well as comply with GDPR requirements on providing EU subjects information on how their personal data is used. It provides evidence of lawful processing and a methodology for complying with privacy by design requirements. Together with Software AG’s ARIS for business process analysis and GRC, it enables firms to establish a governance, risk and compliance (GRC) framework. This internally communicates guidelines and procedures for the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance, as well as monitors adherence to these, and to continue on a program of digital business and IT transformation while complying with GDPR.

According to the Gartner Magic Quadrant report: “EA tools must also integrate with related disciplines and solutions, including:
  • Project and portfolio management (PPM)
  • Governance, risk and compliance (GRC)
  • IT service management
  • Financial management
  • Innovation management
  • Enterprise business process analysis (EBPA)

When EA tools themselves include functions from related disciplines and solutions, they enable EA and technology innovation (TI) practitioners to ensure the best investment mix of projects to realize business outcomes.”

Software AG’s Business and IT Transformation platform provides comprehensive coverage for these disciplines in combining enterprise architecture, IT planning and portfolio management from Alfabet with the enterprise business process management and governance, risk and compliance capabilities from ARIS.

Gartner said: “Leaders provide mature offerings that meet market demand, and they demonstrate the vision necessary to sustain their market positions as requirements evolve. Leaders focus on and invest in their offerings to such a degree that they lead the market and can affect its overall direction as their offerings evolve. Leaders typically possess a large (relative to the size of the market), satisfied customer base and are well-known in the market. Their size and financial strength enable them to remain viable in a challenging economy. Leaders typically respond to a wide market audience by supporting broad market requirements. However, they may fail to meet the specific needs of vertical markets or other more specialized segments.”

Alfabet has not only led the market for the past decade but has been a major force in shaping the market for EA tools through continuous delivery of new, ground-breaking features with every release. Moreover, it was the first product in the market to leverage enterprise architecture as a foundation for strategic IT planning and IT porfolio management, and continues to be essential for digital transformation projects.

Anneliese Schulz also said: “The Asia Pacific market is a key market for Software AG and we’re proud to continue to support every customer in this region as they navigate their digital transformation journey. Software AG undoubtedly has the best vision for Enterprise Architecture with continuously evolving features in Alfabet that support a broad and diverse range of users from business and IT to facilitate the collaboration critical for an effective digital transformation.”