Unable to Download and Install Windows Updates for Windows 8

Unable to download and install windows updates for Windows 8

Common issues :

1.) Install windows updates CPU becomes 100%


2.) Windows 8.1 updates stuck on checking for updates


3.) Windows 8.1 searching for updates on this computer hangs


For your information, I have tried out some of the tips given by the URLs abovementioned and other tips from forums and blogs to no avail.

Eventually I decided to reset the PC.

There are two options available.

Option 1: PC Settings --> Update and recovery --> Recover --> Refresh Your PC Without Affecting Your Files.

Try this first which is hassle free, after the reset completed, try to get Windows updates again.

If it doesn't work, proceed to option 2.

Option 2: PC Settings --> Update and recovery --> Recover --> Remove everything and reinstall Windows

Remember to backup all your files before you proceed !!!

This worked for me.

After the process completed, proceed to get Windows updates.

The status should display info on the last updates downloaded.

Moral of the story :

Always good to have two partitions in the hard disk; one partition for windows and software and the other for data (backup).