Gaston Luga Backpack Has Studded Sole (Review)

Check out the Gaston Luga backpack.

It is designed as a minimalist backpack - the sole has studs similar to football boots - according to Chinese Feng Shui, this translates to strong foundation.

Cool features:
  • Special compartment for passport.
  • Each backpack is also equipped with an inner compartment which can hold your 13-15" laptop with ease, making it a good choice for work and travel.

I go for the classic olive-brown model which to me is a timeless masterpiece.

It is available for sales worldwide and my shipment arrived in just 3 days, shipped directly from Europe !!!

Buy from Gaston Luga website directly, it provides free shipping (worldwide) + 20% off as tax rebate (from non-EU country) + 15% off with promotion code - use the following promotion code for your purchase :


Invoice breakdown example - free delivery with 20% tax rebate discount and 15% discount from promo code with sample pricing

Very good quality and elegantly designed

Check out the story of Gaston Luga.