mTouche embark on AI to enhance Digital Media offering in Southeast Asia plus Hong Kong market

Aug 2, 207 - KL :

Mobile value-added services and digital media marketing company, mTouche Technology Bhd has inked a comprehensive master collaboration partnership agreement with Octa Gravity Company Limited, Thailand to enhance its digital media offering in Southeast Asia plus Hong Kong market with the joint development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to be integrated into the proprietary and innovative digital media and infotainment platform for the IT and mobile channel which was recently announced on 19 July 2017.

In recent years, AI technologies have experienced tremendous breakthroughs amidst the explosive growth of data volume resulting from the increased sophistication of analysis engines (i.e., software) and the improved processing capabilities of computers. These technologies are currently attracting attention for their usefulness in complementing human abilities and creating a more convenient society.

mTouche said in a statement that both companies will make significant mutual commitments and investments in AI technology, enhance product development and go-to-market efforts of the digital media and infotainment platform to be driven by OCTABrain advance technology, secured database solution, data analytic tools and any other related solutions as the smart technologies to the platform. The alliance between the companies is a long term collaboration which expected to deliver the enhancement to the data analytic with the ultimate goal to build-up deep learning framework and smart decision making capability within the next 5 years during the contract period.

The OCTABrain AI engine which can be integrated to any social network and online advertising network, adding Human Thinking to the platform with the ability of in-deep users behavior analysis, finding consumer insight, stimulate consumer demand and choosing the right AdNetwork for effective marketing campaigns. The machine learning technology can help the platform to learn from online user activities which will enable the social platform to understand the user behavior and insight, together with smart decision making capability of the AI unit, any decision making needed for all digital marketing activities will be made smartly in real-time without human intervention.

“AI will make possible to provide people with suggestions for problems without a clear single answer, such as management decisions, the development of new products and enhancement to the marketing reach. OCTA is therefore committed to offering OCTABrain advance technology that will help the platform to make decisions from a broader point of view. We will also be proactively leveraging open innovation and utilizing a wide array of AI technologies to maximize the value we provide to mTouche with the aims to increase sales for the product owner, optimize conversion for AdNetwork and understand consumer needs for the best online experience ever.” says Ms. Parichat Limpipat, Director of Octa Gravity Company Limited.

Mr. Tang Boon Koon, Executive Director of mTouche, stated, “We are excited to have OCTA to become our partner to jointly develop the AI technology for our digital media and infotainment platform and is pleased that OCTA will also be working closely with our platform partner, Advanced Platform Sdn Bhd on the said development. AI is playing an increasing key role in developing and optimizing our intelligent platform solution across the board and providing quantifiable value-add to our enterprise and other mobile customers. We are now taking strategic moves to further accelerate our AI development in a more concentrated way.”

Mr. Tang added, the market value of the digital media advertising space in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore and Hong Kong is estimated at US$2.69 billion (RM11.5 billion), according to a research done by eMarketer in collaboration with IAB Singapore. mTouche must take the initiatives to firmly grasp this new stage of development for artificial intelligence and create a new competitive edge through digital marketing automation by offering the right product to the right target at the right timing with the optimum marketing mix.

mTouche said the collaboration on the AI technology which will enhance the digital media and infotainment platform offering is expected to contribute positively to its earnings for the financial year ending June 30, 2018 onwards.