Philips Lighting to drive EyeComfort technology through its LED products range

Aug 14, 2017 - KL:

Philips Lighting, a global leader in lighting continues to be a forerunner in technology innovation with its newly launched EyeComfort based LED products range. In a market flooded with LED lighting options, the Philips Lighting EyeComfort LED range stands apart as it has no visible flickering, which reduces potential health risks caused by harmful glare of ordinary LEDs. This technology underlines the significance of safe and comfortable illumination that is softer and kinder to the eyes.

“Scientific research has proven that proper illumination enhances near-by vision and lessens eye fatigue resulting in better task performance at home and work. At Philips Lighting, we strive to empower customers by bringing together in-depth understanding of user needs, lighting applications, and insights to create evidence-based lighting solutions for optimal vision and productivity. Towards that direction, EyeComfort technology stays true to the concept of ‘human-centric lighting’, which forms the core of our research and development. The current range is setting the stage for customizable and connected products which our customers can now onwards look forward to” said Mr Alok Ghose, Managing Director for Philips Lighting Malaysia, Singapore and Exports at the launch of the Let’s Get Connected campaign.

Let’s Get Connected – a nationwide promotion offering exciting reasons to switch to EyeComfort based Philips LED products. Running from 1 July 2017 to 31 October 2017, the Let’s Get Connected campaign enables customers to win exciting weekly gifts on buying products worth MYR 100 and above, from the Philips Lighting LED range which includes SceneSwitch, bulbs, downlights, luminaires and EcoFit tubes. The gifts include Philips Home Appliances such as electric pressure cookers, induction cookers, steam irons et al.

For more information on the Let’s Get Connected promotion and Philips LED lighting, log on to Facebook Philips Lighting Malaysia or visit Philips Lighting Let’s Get Connected campaign. Please visit for more information on EyeComfort.

Philips Lighting is the pioneer of human-centric lighting technology which is lighting designed to enhance human performance, comfort, health and well-being, separately or in various combinations. The EyeComfort technology focuses on vision being our most important sense accounting for about 83% of the information we receive from the world around us. Thus, it goes without saying that it is critical to take good care of our eyes, especially as modern lifestyle places more demand than ever on our vision. Watching big screen TVs, enjoying gaming devices, and reliance on tablets and smartphones all make looking after eyes more crucial than ever.

The non-visible flickering and even light distribution of Philips Lighting EyeComfort LED range brings comfort to eyes by ensuring integral aspects of lighting such as intensity, tunability, colour temperature, distribution and design without any compromises or harmful UV/IR irradiation. Visual comfort that can enhance concentration, reduce sleepiness and brighten room appearances in a safe and sustainable manner.

Philips Lighting leads the global switch to LED and connected lighting that will bring numerous economic and environmental benefits to customers at large. Let’s Get Connected campaign is the next phase of a three-year long journey in Malaysia. It started with the Let’s Go Green campaign in 2015 which brought a wide portfolio of LED products at affordable prices, followed by Light Beyond Illumination campaign in 2016, that delivered smart-solutions and connectivity for Philips customers.

Philips Lighting has been revolutionizing the industry for more than 125 years. It continues to find ways to drive conversations about the fact that not all LEDs are the same, and emphasises on safe, certified lighting products to ensure peace of mind. It also continues to innovate illumination technologies in its pursuit to address the growing need of the communities for better and more energy-efficient lighting solutions.