Fusionex 'Got Engaged' to Alibaba Cloud in the SEA

Haiyo, Fusionex 'got engaged' again (with SME among the guests).

On Sep 26, 2017, Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group, has partnered with Malaysian data technology provider Fusionex to provide end-to-end cloud solutions in Southeast Asian (SEA) countries.

Mr Raymond Ma, Regional head of Alibaba Cloud and Dato' Seri Ivan Teh, CEO of Fusionex

Both parties announced the partnership Tuesday that under the partnership, Fusionex will deploy its big data solutions on Alibaba Cloud's infrastructure, and will also become the later's key go-to-market partner in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region.

This announcement sounds exciting, nonetheless, it is not as simple as it seems - conspiracy theory.

To understand this news in simple terms, consider the following argument cases:

1.) Fusionex deploys its products to Alibaba Cloud.

Before this partnership, Fusionex probably deploys them to Amazon AC3 or other providers.

2.) Fusionex is looking to scale its products' costs.

Probably AC3 is more expensive than Alibaba Cloud.

3.) Both Fusionex and Alibaba Cloud want to enable SME to adopt big data analytics in cloud.

Why Cloud ?

To answer this simply, just think of the cloud as a super computer and therefore it only makes more sense to rent than to buy - Buy your laptop, rent the server !

4.) Nonetheless, during the press event, Ivan Teh (CEO of Fusionex) acknowledged that they are looking for cloud providers who have good track of records especially towards large scale cloud coverage, integrated security and good technological visions.

In shorts, Fusionex needed a friend who is also good at what he or she does and Alibaba Cloud fits the critieria - likewise Fusionex may not want to partner with The-NoBody-IT-Sideways-Cloud.

This four arguments more than enough justify the case for Fusionex in approaching this partnership.

The History of Cloud Computing

Alibaba Cloud penetrated the Malaysian market through the Digital Free Trade Zone initiative announced by Malaysian PM - before that, the Alibaba that we knew was supply-chain and e-commerce.


As mentioned in the news above, they share the same vision of Fusionex which is to allow SME to scale (computing power) with low cost and effectiveness.

Based on my own research, the Cloud Computing was invented or started by Google to compete with Microsoft.

Back then, when Google was in early stage whilst Microsoft hadn't adopted cloud, the former was adamant at competing head-on with the latter, disapproving many of their business strategy.

Microsoft was doing well in the enterprise computing in terms of server deployment with server-based operating systems.

Lacking operating system products, Google strategized a way to compete with Microsoft in the Internet arena and they thought that instead of selling hardware pre-installed with operating system, they could offer consumers with computing powers through the Internet - cloud computing.

It was a brilliant idea and that gave birth to the Cloud Computing as I knew it and things have changed beyond imagination - Microsoft is already cloudified whilst Google is focusing more on innovation instead of selling computing powers.

Fast forward back to current times, Alibaba Cloud is the one who wants to fill in the role of selling Internet based computing powers - the deployment of servers without acquisition of hardware, but via remote login to one or many servers working in clusters and hosted at the data center.

Why adopt cloud computing ? Conspiracy Theory ?

Just buy your laptop, rent the server enough lar !