HUAWEI Unleashes the Beast in the nova 2i

Oct 5, 2017 -

The HUAWEI nova 2i offers a premium experience through a finely-tuned balance of hardware and software. Powered by the fast and efficient Kirin 659 chipset, HUAWEI’s Android 7-based EMUI 5.1 intelligently optimises the stock Android experience from the ground up and HUAWEI’s proprietary machine learning technology allows HUAWEI nova 2i to learn and predict user behaviour.

When placed head to head with one of the latest chipsets in the market, Snapdragon 450, HUAWEI’s Kirin 659 outperforms in the most important and crucial ways for the end-user.

Power consumption and battery life continues to be a key consideration for all when selecting a mobile device. A few years back, a major phone brand introduced their new phone with two chipset configurations, one chipset configuration delivered an improved power performance of close to 20 per cent. This led to a huge reaction from a large group of ​​consumers around the world, asking to withdraw the weaker Snapdragon 450-powered chip, and replacing it with the TSMC manufacturing chip. Kirin 659 uses the latter. Together, HUAWEI’s proprietary Kirin 659 chipset and EMUI 5.1 delivers outstanding power efficiency. The HUAWEI nova 2i’s 3340 mAh battery can easily last up to two days of ordinary use.

Another highlight of Kirin 659 is its i5 processor, which controls sensors with very low energy consumption while the CPU is on standby mode/ sleep. Kirin 659’s i5 processor is a processor dedicated to managing sensors such as steps tracking and GPS. When the handset is turned off, Kirin 659 does not wake up the main CPU to run steps tracking and GPS positioning. Instead, it taps on the i5 processor to manage these tasks with very minimal power, thus reducing power consumption and helping consumers to obtain more standby time.

Speed is another critical consideration, driven by the depth and breadth of computing power from the chipset. Kirin 659’s main frequency is significantly higher than Snapdragon 450. Whichever CPU has the higher frequency will deliver a much stronger performance. Technically speaking, when we put the making of the chip process aside, the frequency of Kirin 659 (4*2.36G + 4*1.7G) is higher than Snapdragon 450 (8*1.8G) by 12.7 per cent! What this translates into for users is a faster, lag-free experience even when firing up the most demanding multi-tasks, processes and apps.

The HUAWEI nova 2i is a stunning piece of technology with a streamlined form factor marrying looks and function. The unibody device is sculpted from curved edges and soft flowing lines that highlight its beautiful symmetry. One of the thinnest smartphones in the market, it boasts a 5.93 inch FullView display with an 18:9 aspect ratio. It is also one of the first devices in the world to feature this premium screen experience. The 83% screen-to-body ratio, ensures a sharp and clear image, supported by FHD+ resolution with a high pixel per inch (PPI) density. This means an exceptional widescreen viewing experience that sets the new standards for premium reading, viewing, browsing and gaming enjoyment, on location or on the go.

HUAWEI nova 2i is only available for sale on 13 October 2017 onwards.