Online Printing Startup Gogoprint Launches in Singapore

Oct 3, 2017 - SG -

Ever thought about printing business cards,flyers,stickers, booklets (also includes magazines, annual reports, etc.), postcards, leaflets/brochures on-demand,hassle free and via online ordering ?

Gogoprint can help you with it.

Gogoprint, the leading online printing startup in Southeast Asia, has formally launched in Singapore. It has opened its third regional office: Singapore follows from Bangkok, Thailand, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Gogoprint’s business proposition involves solving one of the printing industry’s biggest pain points - high fixed costs and requisite order volumes, particularly among small and medium sized businesses. It does this with its proprietary algorithmic software which manages and pools together small orders, and distributes the cost of printing. As a result, it is able to offer premium printing services at a competitive cost, enabling SMEs and startups to print their products such as business cards, digital booklets, leaflets, flyers, posters, gift vouchers, postcards and stickers more cost-effectively.

Gogoprint’s Singapore office will be helmed by Laurent De Candido, Managing Director and co-founder at Gogoprint. Around expanding to Singapore, he said: “We’re pleased to deepen our commitment to small and medium sized businesses and freelancers in Southeast Asia by expanding into Singapore, a country where we already have thousands of clients. It is one of Asia’s leading hubs for nimble, innovative, on-demand business models, which often struggle with cost effectiveness around going-to-market.”

“By enabling the printing of smaller quantities through a hassle-free ordering processes, we are well positioned to help these businesses go to market more cost-effectively. In the process, we are leading the charge to modernize Southeast Asia’s multi-billion dollar printing industry,” added De Candido.

The market for online printing in Southeast Asia in 2016 was estimated at US$25 billion a year. In the 12 months since August 2016, Gogoprint has grown its revenues by over 500 percent; its number of customers by 400 percent to over 16,000 (including 10,000 in Thailand and 3,000 each in Singapore and Malaysia); and its employee headcount over 300 percent to 90 people (including 60 in Thailand, and 30 spread in Malaysia, also operating Singapore). Its clients are largely in the education, entertainment, healthcare, hospitality, travel, transportation, food and beverage, retail and manufacturing sectors. This includes the likes of Lazada,, Jameson Whiskey, Accor Group, as well as the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore.

Around the benefits of working with Gogoprint, Sruthi Varier, Project Officer at Nanyang Technological University said: “NTU was looking for an online printing vendor to reduce printing costs. We wanted to achieve this without compromising quality to our students, faculty, alumni and partners. We are very pleased to have chosen and to be working with Gogoprint, and highly recommend them for their fast delivery and cost-effectiveness.”

Laurent De Candido,
Managing Director and co-founder at Gogoprint Singapore

Since launching in November 2015, Gogoprint has raised a mid-six figure U.S. dollar investment from OPG (Online Printing Group). Apart from its growing geographic footprint, it looks to expand into multiple product categories including calendars, large-format printing, printed pens and flash drives.

“As more and more consumers get overflowed with online content, never before has it been more important for tangible marketing to attract consumers for brands to stay in people’s minds. Especially in Singapore, we see a lot of potential for more complex or purely promotional products. This gives us the right surge to capture the Southeast Asian online printing market, with Indonesia as a natural next destination”, said De Candido.