Anticipating the Next Social Upgrade

When I say socially innovative solutions with transcendental potential, what is the first thing that pops you ?

Email literally displaced post-mail and there it went postcards, greeting cards, stamps and etc.

Cellphone literally dismantled street payphone.

Smartphone and Google Maps combined literally forced GPS devices into obsolete.

Granted, the next near-future anticipated social upgrade for humanity is the self-driving car - based on two accounts : BMW and Elon Musk.

The self-driving car will reduce automobile accident significantly because the vehicles will drive by the rules and not by emotion or human intuition influenced by the so-called self-taught and self-progressing experience.

In other words, when a human takes control of the wheel, the car is literally driven by an artist driver whilst in robotic self-driving mode, it is under the control of an expert who maneuvers with High-Definition precision and bounded by traffic rules and regulations.

With an investment of 2,000 employees assigned to a new campus in Unterschleißheim near Munich, working on all aspects of autonomous driving, from the software right through to road testing; the BMW iNext (BMW's first highly-automated series vehicle) is scheduled to due in 2021.

Self-driving vehicle is superb, nonetheless, it is merely tip of the iceberg - according to Elon Musk, it is considered a domain specific A.I which is still a baby compared to the general purpose A.I.

The general purpose A.I is akin to a busy body character who wants to do many things and excels in them.

Of course, aside from offering humanity with endless possibilities and it also has the requirement of a much bigger commitment of research and development - a feat not many organisations are capable of.

So to speak, Hitachi is a company currently investing heavily and passionately into the development and research of A.I, robotics and IoT technologies, aiming towards the direction of socially innovative solutions.

What is socially innovative solutions ???

Elon Musk coined them as solutions which are capable of introducing massive society upheaval.

This article is sponsored by Hitachi Asia Ltd.