ICT Employment Over Next 10 Years

Jobs of the Future Report features 21 jobs to emerge by 2028

Today’s jobs are complex, specialized, collaborative, and ever-evolving. Cognizant’s Jobs of the Future Report sheds light on how automation is transforming every industry, the work people do, and the future relationship between man and machine. Based on the major macroeconomic, political, demographic, societal, cultural, business and technology trends visible today, it highlights 21 new jobs that will emerge over the next 10 years and will become cornerstones of the future of work.

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In the report, Cognizant positions these 21 new roles — ranging from Data Detective and Fitness Commitment Counsellor to Personal Data Broker and Genetic Diversity Officer — over a 10-year timeline according to their “tech-centricity” and provides potential job descriptions for each.

These jobs have the potential to create mass employment, provide work for scores of people in offices, stores and factory floors and are not to be confused with science fiction. They are strongly expected to be on the HR’s radar to fill for real in the coming decade. This list of jobs has been carefully curated from across many disciplines, markets and technologies with a three-point common theme that is centred on the human touch — Coaching, Caring, and Connecting — which will stay relevant, no matter what new technologies emerge on the horizon. Some of the jobs are highly technical whilst others won’t require much tech-knowledge at all.

Cognizant recommends that workers / talent focus on excelling in one or more of the following three areas to get and stay employed in the future:

1.) Coaching

Coaches can reshape work by making it more engaging, humane and purposeful. Those who have a flair for mentoring and helping people to improve at things (managing their finances, managing their weight) should hone those skills.

2.) Caring

Forward-thinking organizations will focus on making the best of people, and not just the best of technology. Workers with social intelligence and the ability to make sense of complex processes will be in high demand to improve people’s health and wellness.

3.) Connecting

Workers with a collaborative mindset will be key to helping connect the dots in a technology-led workplace. New roles identified in the report require workers to be good at building bridges between man and machine, traditional and shadow IT, the physical and the virtual world, and commerce and ethics.

The complete 21 Jobs of the Future Report including detailed job descriptions can be found here.

The 21 Jobs of the Future video is available here.

10 selected emerging roles, their job descriptions, and potential required skills highlighted in the report.

Skills needed
Page no. in report
Artificial Intelligence Business Development Manager
Artificial Intelligence Business Development Manager will define, develop and deploy effective and targeted programs to accelerate broad-based sales and business development activities.
This role will require both business development experience, on top of experience with AI/machine-learning software platforms
AI-Assisted Healthcare Technician
AI-assisted healthcare technician will ideally be excellent at building close, trusting relationships with patients and efficient in making optimal use of digital diagnosis tools and remote doctors at their disposal.
The technician will have at least three years’ experience in nursing or a related field, and be comfortable and competent dealing with software packages and digital testing equipment.
Cyber City Analyst
Cyber city analysts will ensure interoperable data flow to keep cities safe, secure and operational.
Analysts require data engineering qualifications in Agile, DevOps and continuous integration, as well as circuitry skills, understanding of design thinking, and startup methodologies
Quantum Machine Learning Analyst
Quantum computing will be at the intersection of quantum information processing and machine learning to create technology functionalities that never existed before.
Quantum Machine Learning Analysts are well-versed with quantum information processing devices, quantum data and machine learning techniques to develop well-capitalized, revenue-generating industry-specific solutions for the future.
Augmented Reality Journey Builder
Augmented Reality (AR) Journey Builders are the successors of composers, bricklayers and playwrights, serving as pioneers in the “experience economy”.
They will design, write, create, calibrate, gamify, build and personalise the next generation of mind-blowing stories and in-the-moment vignettes for viewers’ trips in AR
Master of Edge Computing
Masters of Edge Computing define the IoT roadmap, carefully evaluate the technical requirements and assess the feasibility for establishing the edge processing unit.
This role requires experience in working on IoT hardware and software platform, on top of a PhD in computer science, electronics, telecommunications, electrical engineering, etc.
Man-Machine Teaming Manager
The man-machine teaming manager is a seasoned professional who will help shape the future of work and workplace within the company. The manager will design flexible experiences that meet workers’ expectations, while providing a simple and intuitive interaction with machine
Ideal managers will be passionate about advancing human-to-bot cooperation strategies in a dynamic business environment. Qualifications needed are graduate degrees in experimental psych, human neuroscience techniques, robotics, excellent leadership, communication and collaboration skills.
Chief Trust Officer
Ideal Chief Trust officers demonstrate the ability to build trust by enforcing and encouraging transparent and responsible financial trading of cryptocurrencies with all organisational stakeholders
Successful chief trust officers have experience in cryptocurrency trading and speculation, blockchain, traditional currency trading and PR/marketing.
Personal Data Broker
A personal data broker is part of the newly mandated banking sector to administer personal data assets of citizens and consumers. He ensures consumers receive revenue from their data.
The ideal candidate will hold professional qualifications needed to trade on the world’s newly established data exchanges. He has a high degree of curiosity for discovering alternative forms of data commercialization through third-party APIs to other insight services, and a drive to determine data value and submit and price offers into data exchanges for trade.
Bring your own IT Facilitator
The Bring Your own IT Facilitator (BYOIT_ enables the entire workforce to work better and smarter at a known level of acceptable risk by creating a system for uninterrupted visibility into on-and-off-premises environments.
Skills required include a master’s degree in either IT, computer science, natural science, engineering or businesss admin, as well as exposure to IT demand management, business management, among others.