ETH Mining Laptop for Windows Platform ??? Asus-L-FX5034339

The Asus-L-FX5034339 is able to work as ETH mining laptop. The key specifications which are necessary to support cryptocurrency mining:
  • Intel processor I7-7700
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050
  • VRAM (Video Ram): 4GB --> This is a must.
  • Dual fan cooling system - Hyper Cool Dual-Copper Cooling System
FX503 employs a pair of copper heat pipes and a dual-fan system to cool the processor and graphics card independently. This ensures system stability even during intense gaming sessions without throttling. The additional Fan Overboost function maximizes cooling efficiency, ensuring that FX503 has the stability required for all tasks.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050

Hyper Cool Dual-Copper Cooling System

The ETH mining is done using Claymore's Dual Ethereum software for Windows platform.

The Video RAM of 4 GB is required as minimum requirement for Claymore's Mining software

Low CPU and memory utilization

 Within short period earned 2 shares

The laptop (Asus-L-FX5034339) is running on Windows 10 Pro

With these specifications, the mining was running at around 12 MHz/s.

Nonetheless, I have noticed that it drained the battery really fast - two hours battery gone in 1 hour.

Start mining ETH now !!! Visit or check out the following video to get started for beginner.

The laptop cost me around RM 5,000 including the license for Windows 10 Pro 64-bit and 6% GST.

Make sure you get a good laptop cooling pad to complement the cooling system.

The latest ETH price published by Coinbase is around USD 1,046.01