Meltdown & Spectre Best Practice from Carbon Black

Jan 9, 2018:

Meltdown and Spectre chips made recent headlines as researchers have found critical vulnerabilities that affect billions of computers and smartphones worldwide. Organizations have now gone into panic mode and are furiously working to mitigate cybersecurity risks that might emerge from these vulnerabilities. Tech firms are also operating in overdrive to deploy security patches as they are in a race against hackers who will exploit the vulnerability to steal data. 

Refer to this blog post by Carbon Black outlining how organizations can minimize attack surface during such critical events through the following steps –
  • Get as many systems as possible into high enforcement
  • Patch known vulnerabilities with available fixes from your operating system and hardware vendors
  • Prevent untrusted code from running on systems
Carbon Black advises organizations to utilize their Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) functions, if available, to monitor for attack activity as this function pays special attention to browser related threats, alerts regarding credential theft, and suspicious network connections.