Contact Ms. Winkly (App) for Your Cuti Cuti

Mar 9, 2018:

Global Line Network Sdn. Bhd. proudly shares a solution platform for human resource management using mobile app called Ms.Winkly. The event launching was held at Lavo, Tropicana on Friday, 9th March 2018.

Ms.Winkly is an intelligent cloud-based Human Resource Management application that allows companies, both SMEs and Large Firm to manage employees’ attendance, leave application, claims and more, in ONE-platform.

Ms.Winkly is a Software as a service (SaaS) distribution model in which it provides solution platform to the Human Resource Managers of the company to easily monitor employees’ performance and productivity accordingly while saving cost effectively on documentation process.

CEO of Global Line Network, Sebastian Tan said, “The Idea of developing the application was to initially find a solution in our company by having a more user friendly and effective way of human resource management. Ms.Winkly is a Human Resource Management SaaS mobile app that helps any businesses thrive through innovation, security, and reliability as well as enhancing the well-being of staffs. By using of the apps, the outcome of team productivity has increased and it saves us from hours of paperwork, enabling us to focus on what matters most while it enhances efficiency and minimises cost on HR management process.”

Ms.Winkly Features
  • Leave & Task Management - Ms.Winkly Leave helps you to manage, maintain and track all leave related issues, be it various type entitlement calculation, show calculation on leave taken and balance, leave or task application, leave or task withdrawal, leave or task cancellation, replacement leave, emergency leave, carry forward leave and much more.
  • Employee Database - Ms.Winkly helps to manage employee database and the work hours of the employees, punch-in working hours, punch-out working hours, and estimate the total working hours per day or week.
  • Employee Claim - Ms.Winkly Claim offers automated processes for claim management which reduces the effort for claims processing and provides paperless environment for managing employee claims. Ms.Winkly empowers an organisation for effective management of employee claims by recording, monitoring, tracking and evaluating employee claims.
  • Company’s Calendar - Ms.Winkly’s calendar is able to track companies’ events, employee leaves, birthdays, tasks and more.

(L-R) : Aaron Tan, Business Development Manager;  Lo Yee Long, Software Engineer; Sharon Ng, Account Manager; Chloe Cha, Software Engineer; Henry Hoo Yew Seng, Ui Designer; Sebastian Tan, CEO of Global Line Network; Vincent Wong, Head of Product; Rahul Gupta, Software Engineer; Amirhossein Akhoondzadeh, Software Engineer; Jing Ling Quek, Business Analyst; Winkly Yau, Human Resource Executive; Diyanah Abdullah, Marketing Lead.

Global Line Network, give FREE usage to the first 1000 users download the Ms.Winkly mobile app. The mobile app are available at App Store and Google Play Store, accessible at anywhere and any time. To learn more about the Ms.Winkly email us at or visit the website at