The Magical SD-WAN from Silver Peak

The SD-WAN solution from Silver Peak was made commercially available 3 years ago in 2015.

Before SD-WAN, there was WAN optimization solution which was the forte of Silver Peak - and SD-WAN is essentially a solution of Software Defined Networking (SDN) integrated with WAN optimization - the result is the decoupling of software from hardware in terms of WAN optimization.

This decoupling of software and hardware allows centralization of network orchestration whereby a network data can be redirected based on configuration instead of transmitting through a fixed network infrastructure of hardware which is known as the circuit. In other words, the SD-WAN enables a WAN network to be partitioned into two entities: the centralized controller and the circuit which is responsible for transporting data only.

SD-WAN Benefits

The benefits of SD-WAN deployment are having better visibility and control of WAN infrastructure which results in cost saving.

Besides that, SD-WAN enables automation and better security at the branch level.

How is cost saving achieved via SD-WAN deployment? There are two ways:
  1. Traffic prioritization - only important data should be transferred over expensive circuits whilst less important data over the cheaper and slower ones
  2. Reduce backhaul - data being transferred via shortest path from branch to branch directly instead of going through the data centers

According to Tricia Png, Regional Director, Asia, customers of SD-WAN solution typically use it to manage slow SAP system as well as to achieve the 'thin branch' reality whereby traditional branch router will no longer be needed - for your information, the 'thin branch' feature is the best-selling feature of Silver Peak's SD-WAN solution which is part of the Unity EdgeConnect product line.

Tricia Png
Tricia also has the opinion that the following market segments (not exhaustively) will benefit greatly from SD-WAN deployment:
  1. SME - does not have big and dedicated team of IT professionals to manage an application-driven WAN infrastructure
  2. 2nd tier ISP (telco) who may be able to benefit from SD-WAN solution by creating new products and services out of the features being offered

The magical features of SD-WAN are out of the scope of this article, in that how is reduction of backhaul is achievable via decoupling of software from hardware?

To find out more, please contact Silver Peak’s pre-sales team for details.

Silver Peak:

Ms. Tricia Png, Regional Director, Asia
T: (65) 6830 8468

Ms. Jesslyn Koh, Senior Marketing Manager, APAC
T: (65) 6830 8468

Download the white paper 'Advanced SD-WAN: Accelerating Digital Transformation and Powering the Cloud-Connected Enterprise'.