Malaysia New Zealand Chamber of Commerce (MNZCC) Comments on the Malaysian New Cabinet Lineup

Following the recent formation of the Malaysian New cabinet lineup, we request comments from Mr. Bruce Hope - Chairman - Malaysia New Zealand Chamber of Commerce (Trade, Investment, International Business).

Q & A :

IT-Sideways : Wish-list for the new cabinet ?? What does Mr. Hope hope the new cabinet will achieve within next 5 years ?

Bruce Hope : I have always believed governments should manage their finances on the basic model of spending less than they earn. Therefore at the top of my wishlist for the next five years is for Malaysia to focus on returning to a non deficit budget.

Another focus I would like to see is a lessening on the dependence on foreign workers, particularly in the manufacturing sector by increasing focus on technology and automation.

IT-Sideways : Which minister Mr. Hope hopes to meet ??

Bruce Hope : Obviously all of the ministers are very capable and I would be honoured to meet any of them. However if I have to choose, it would be 2. One is the Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir. Not many people in their 90's are capable of working full time, let alone running a country. The other is Dato Sri Azmin Ali. He is a similar age to me and has done good things for Selangor.

IT-Sideways : Which ministry is relevant to the business oversaw by Mr. Hope ???

Bruce Hope : Of the cabinet ministers appointed, currently the most relevant to my bumiputera service company, jointly owned with my wife from Batu Pahat, Johor, is the Minister of Human Resources, Mr Kulasegaran. We only employ Malaysians and hope that he can provide and enhance the framework for upskilling Malaysians.


Mr. Bruce Hope is Chairman of MNZCC, and has held that position since July 2017. Previously he held positions of vice chair, committee member and ordinary member of the chamber since 2013. In and around Malaysia since 2003, Bruce has a background in Telecommunications and IT and previously worked with DiGi and Huawei among others. Currently he is a director of several companies in Malaysia including Beribu Jaya, a premier pool services provider and Empowered Data, a real time solutions provider. He is also currently chairman of his community residents association.

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