Trello for Collaboration Platform (Review)

Trello is based on the concept of notice board, where notes are pinned onto the board - the notes are known as cards, a collection of cards is a list - i.e the 'to do' list - in other words, a task would make up a list.

To key-in the task's detail, edit the card.

Free version caters unlimited boards, lists, cards, members, checklists, and attachments

More efficient than Whatsapp group

Customizable board background and theme

Unlimited background photo supplies - piggyback images from the Internet

Invite unlimited members to each (notice) board

Power-up is similar to plugin module

Available plugins for 'Developer Tools' category

Adding a power-up calendar to the board

Select the Calendar power-up

The plugin will be pinned on the board

All date related information will be displayed in calendar format

As a brainstorming platform

  • Start a list for the subject to brainstorm
  • Invite members to comment
  • The limitation is there is no way to export the comments into document file for documentation and archiving
There are however, two power-up modules which cater for brainstorming purposes.

Slack power-up

InVision power-up

  • Better than using Whatsapp group to coordinate activities - there is even a power-up module for voting
  • Serve as a useful tool for project brainstorming
  • Mobile app available for iOS and Android platforms.