Carbon Black : Cryptocurrency thefts made up $1.1 billion in the last six months

Data released on Jun 11, 2018:

Bitcoin. Etherum. Light Coin. What were once buzzwords a decade ago are now recognized as the U.S. dollar and the Euro. Cryptocurrency has increasingly gained attention from across the globe, including cybercriminals who want to exploit it for illicit gain and make a quick buck. In their latest report, Carbon Black’s Threat Analyst Unit (TAU) found a total of $1.1 billion in cryptocurrency-related thefts during the past six months. For as low as $1.04, thieves can purchase malware on the dark web to gain access to endpoints and subsequently drain the target’s cryptocurrency wallet. This report outlines how cryptocurrency malware is being sold and bought in a burgeoning economy designed to pilfer some of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market.

Some key findings include –
  • The dark web marketplaces represent a $6.7 million illicit economy built from cryptocurrency-related malware development and sales
  • There are currently an estimated 12,000 dark web marketplaces selling approximately 34,000 offerings related to crypto theft, with an average listing price of $224
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges are the most vulnerable, with 27% of attacks targeting exchanges directly
  • The most targeted currencies are Monero (44%), Etherum (11%) and Bitcoin (10%).
  • The most active global hotspots for cryptocurrency-related attacks are U.S, China, U.K, Japan and India.
  • Some of the friendliest cryptocurrency nations are Japan and U.S., while the most unfriendliest include China, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Nepal.
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