Build High Performance App Best Practices by EO.Trade

EO.Trade is currently conducting ICO (initial coin offering) and in doing that, they also share the strategy on how they build the app to cater for high performance.

Download the whitepaper.

1.) Web based front-end - SPA (single page application) technology
  • GPU rendering - uses WebGL technology for drawing charts
  • Offline mode - app can run without internet; you can access your data when you offline
  • Cutting edge technologies - WebGL, WebSocket, Webpack and TypeScript
  • React library - to implement the View part of MVC pattern (Model View Controller)
  • Obfuscation - to keep code confidential, and protect code from compromise.
2.) Mobile app
  • OpenGL and asynchronous GPU rendering for smoother user experience
  • Kotlin on Android and Swift/ObjC on iOS
  • Code sharing via writing some parts of our apps in C++
  • Realm mobile database
  • Asynchronous interface via Texture for achieving superior performance
  • Use React Native framework where fast variability of code is vitally important. 

 3.) Backend
  • Micro-service architecture
  • Geographically distributed network of front-end nodes for the fastest possible delivery of content to users anywhere in the world.
  • Asynchronous model of interaction between client applications and servers
  • Database - uses both relational databases and NoSQL solutions, like PostgreSQL, Redis, Couchbase, Elasticsearch.
  • Big data - uses Hadoop Framework for Big Data, and processes it through machine learning based on neural networks.
  • Backend implementation is based on a set of solutions: Python, Go, NodeJS, Java and C++ in sensitive places.
  • Blockchain layer is serviced by Geth and Parity --> Ethereum blockchain
  • The basic mathematical algorithms are realized on the basis of modern highly effective mathematical frameworks and libraries, such as TALib, NumPy, Pandas, SciPy, scikit-learn.
  • Most of the calculations are performed in concurrency mode to increase the calculated system capacity, including on many servers (within a cluster consisting of several servers)
  • Horizontal scaling architecture - all bottlenecks are organized with the possibility of parallel execution on multiple servers.

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