OPPO R15 Pro Offers Auto-Switching Dual Rear Camera Technology

Jun 8, 2018:

Priced at RM2,399 but it’s all worth the price

First in the market to offer Auto-Switching Dual rear camera technology

Major improvements of the OPPO R15 Pro lies in its rear camera. It has an auto-switching dual rear camera which are 20MP + 16MP. The device will intelligently choose the main cameras based on lighting. During daylight, the 16MP camera will automatically be selected as the main camera while the 20MP camera is activated during low light or darker situations, keeping your world in focus from day to night perfectly!

The 16MP rear camera will automatically function as the main camera when users snap pictures during the day.

During low light or night time situations, the 20MP camera will automatically function as the main camera to capture perfect night shots.

Other than its powerful auto-switching rear camera technology, the R15 Pro has further enhanced its A.I. recognition technology at both the front and rear cameras by supporting 296 facial recognition spots and 120 types of scenario recognition through its automatic optimisation of technical parameters to different subjects. Every photo taken will be automatically categorised into one of the 16 groupings as shown below with perfect colour adjustment.