Everyone can now create professional looking videos using Kaltura's Personal Capture

Data received on 25-Jul-2018:

Kaltura Personal Capture is designed to allow users to create engaging videos without specialised equipment.

Video has been lauded for its ability to effectively impart information through the combined use of visual and auditory cues. Today, video technology is playing an increasingly central role within enterprises and educational institutions, while shifting consumer preferences have led to active creation and sharing of videos between individuals. These trends make video a critical new data type that any organisation needs to be able to support, and gives rise to the need for more advanced video creation functionality.

Key features of Kaltura's Personal Capture:
  • Ability to capture both screen and camera - if a user has a PowerPoint presentation in presenter mode, Kaltura Personal Capture automatically detects and captures it
  • Automatically captures metadata from slides and audio, making videos more searchable and discoverable
  • Videos can be seamlessly uploaded to an organisation’s Learning and Content Management Systems or the Kaltura MediaSpace video portal, making it easy for employees, students, faculty, and other users to create professional video with multiple feeds
  • Broad number of use cases - educational institutions and businesses can use it for knowledge sharing, training/education, presentation, and communications between individuals among other uses
With its user-friendly interface and highly functional capabilities, Kaltura's Personal Capture is anticipated to catalyse video content creation and consumption across organisations and educational institutions. Personal Capture will be available to Kaltura's clients in all territories.