Lack of Women Leadership in Malaysia's E-commerce Market

Data received on 30-Jul-2018:

To date, 48% of the Malaysia’s population are women and about 57% of them are online shoppers. While Malaysia made history when Dr. Wan Azizah was officially made as the first women deputy prime minister, we conducted a study to ascertain if women’s views are represented through leadership positions in today’s e-commerce market.

Leaders in e-commerce have the power to influence how it works & it requires the minds from various demographic to maximise its effectiveness to all consumers. This is vital to fully realise the RM33 billion (AS$ 8 billion) as predicted by Google & Temasek.

iPrice found that:
  • The number of women in C-Levels (founders, directors, CEO, CTO, etc) are significantly lower in Malaysia when compared to other countries in Southeast Asia
  • However there was no lack of women at mid-management levels indicating many women does not end up higher in the corporate ladder
  • Suggestions e-commerce businesses can take to overcome the issue