RightsLedger Equips Malaysian 'Social Media Workers' with Content Monetization Tools

RightsLedger provides a platform which serves as a universal marketplace for content creators and owners to authenticate, manage and monetize contents.

The features include content registration, licensing, ownership and deal tracking.

It also includes a module for fingerprinting video contents.

It operates on a reward-based economy which is based on an Ethereum based cryptocurrency called the RightsToken - at the time of writing, the token is not listed on cryptocurrency exchange yet.

When users upload content, they will be rewarded with tokens which they can spend to advanced features such as the fingerprinting module.

The fingerprinting module allows content owners to ID the contents before distributing them; the fingerprint allows remote authentication and caters for monetization of content usage.

Content registration has always been a difficult and complicated process before the availability of the Blockchain technology mainly because centralized registration requires trust agreements from a legal standpoint and that often is costly and time-consuming. Furthermore, centralized registry does not support inclusivity and tamper-proof. As a result, centralized registry does not guarantee a fair game for everybody, especially the amateurs.

Due to the proliferation of social networks and social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, amateurs content creators are now able to share the global stage with the professionals and this results in their contents to enjoy global outreach.

RightsLedger identified this opportunity to allow the amateurs to register and license their contents for distribution on the social networks.

The implementation of blockchain technology and token-based reward economy is both timely and a blessing for the amateurs.

Blockchain technology allows storage of information that is shared and secure yet tamper-proof and is trustless - trustless means there is no need for a legal agreement to enforce the ownership and licensing of contents - and therefore, the only way to achieve this is to have a decentralized platform that is without a middleman who controls the registration.

In other words, Blockchain technology allows the middleman to be taken out of the context and the technology and apps now become the middleman - one does not need to trust anybody except the system.

In retrospect, the Blockchain platform offers tamper-proof data which means that a registry cannot be hacked or removed - this provides a guarantee to the content owners that once registered, the contents cannot be duplicated without consent.

On 24-Aug-2018, RightsLedger made the following announcements in a press conference held in Setia Alam, Malaysia:
  • The opening of RightsLedger Malaysia office which is led by local CEO Terence Goh - they setup the office at Technology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil, a prominent place and one of the few tech incubation hubs in Malaysia.
  • The launch of the Content Registry v1.0 application for video content, Licensing Deal Pad v1.0 application for video licensing, Content Fingerprint (Alpha) application for video content.
  • The technology licensing of RightsLedger's core technology by TRIO OTT, Max Pandora, and VNow TV - the collaboration will allow TRIO and its strategic partners to distribute digital content globally and offer streaming for RightsLedger’s digital content.
RightsLedger is a US based company and the CEO is Mr. Ray Young, who is a serial entrepreneur and has 40 years’ experience developing software technology for the physical video distribution industry. His past ventures include WebConcepts which was started in 1998.

Ray Young and his team commended Malaysia as a nation of insatiable taste of technology adoption and as the matter of fact, this is the country with the highest concentration of smartphone users and therefore everybody who walks this land is without a doubt an ardent social media worker!