SME to Leverage on Waze Local for Targeted Ads

Data received : 31-Jul-2018

Key Take-Aways:
  • Malaysia records the highest number of Waze users in Asia, and is home to approximately 5.9 million monthly active users.
  • Similar to seeing physical billboards on the road, Waze Local caters for targeted advertisements on the Waze map inform drivers about nearby businesses and offers.
  • Extra features include peak traffic hours selection and quantifiable marketing metrics information.
  • Advertisements comes in 3 different formats : “PROMOTED SEARCH”, in which a business will be given priority rankings in drivers’ search results. The “BRANDED PIN” function raises driver awareness of nearby stores, while “ZERO-SPEED TAKEOVER” helps to drive in-store navigations to businesses by showing Waze users an advertisement when they are in stationary mode, for instance, when they are at a complete stop for more than 3 seconds.
Branded PinPromoted SearchZero-speed takeover

Spokeperson : NIL

  • It is called Waze Local advertisement
  • To get started, go to and sign up for an account.
  • The cost is USD 2 per day per 1,000 impressions - that is, to reach 2,000 impressions per day, double the cost by paying USD 4 and so forth.
Editor's comments :
  • USD 2 for 1,000 impressions per day is very affordable, compare this to Facebook's page booster features which offers USD 5 for average 3,000 outreach.
  • The ZERO-SPEED TAKEOVER is quite an innovative feature to ease traffic jam stress of city folks.

Waze Goes Local to Help Malaysian SMBs Engage On-The-Road Customers