Aruba HPE’s Digital Workplace Study reveals benefits transcend productivity

In Aruba HPE’s latest Digital Workplace Study, Digital Revolutionaries unlock the potential of the Digital Workplace, it was found that employees who work in digital workplaces are not only more productive, but also more motivated, have higher job satisfaction, and report and overall better sense of well-being. On the flip side, companies that are less technologically advanced risk falling behind the competition and not attracting top talent.

Key findings include:
  • 75% of respondents in Asia Pacific said their companies have invested in digital workplace tools in the past year, and interest is growing in a new generation of technologies including smart building tools that automate temperature controls and lighting (14%), voice-activated and wireless AV technology (16%), and custom corporate mobile apps (11%).
  • Most respondents thought digital technology would result in a more efficient (63%), more collaborative (53%) and more appealing (52%) work environment.
  • Although employees reported higher levels of cybersecurity awareness (56% think about security often or daily), they also admitted to taking more risks with company data and devices, with 73% admitting to risky behaviors such as sharing passwords and devices.
Here are some recommendations on how organisations can successfully adopt digital workplaces –
  • Companies need to think about how the digital workplace extends beyond their head office to support remote workers, partners, and customers. IT leaders need to invest in a working environment without borders.
  • Companies must architect the digital workplace with security as an integral part of design. To achieve security that can adapt to change, IT must look to emerging technologies in networking, cloud computing, AI and machine-learning.