Jack Ma and His Version of Alibaba

Data received : 14-Sep-2018

Key Take-Aways:
  • As reported across the world, Jack Ma announced his retirement plans as executive chairman of Alibaba Group on 2019, on his 55th birthday.
  • While many are aware the success of Alibaba today is due to the amazing leadership by Jack Ma, not many are aware that Alibaba’s success was due to the exceptional leadership of other co-founders as well.
  • Various co-founders connected with Jack Ma through various unique occasions prior the founding of Alibaba (share mutual friend, ex-colleagues, ex-classmates and others)
  • Some founders partnered with Ma as they were hugely impressed with Jack’s vision for the tech industry (Some gave up a high paying job to join him build Alibaba)
  • There are 3 married founders (Including Jack Ma and his wife Cathy Zang)
  • The co-founders had a diverse range of expertise (journalist, teachers, Ma’s student, IT, design)
  • A number of the founding co-founders still holding a vital position in Alibaba Group or its subsidiaries today (One of them is Lucy Peng who is now the CEO of Lazada)


Jeremy Chew, Senior Content Marketer, iPrice Group

Editor's comments :
  • Jack Ma was the pioneer who explored the Internet in China, in one of his interviews, he shared that he attempted to upload an image to the Internet and gathered a group of friends to witness the loading of it on a website - it took them almost the whole day !
  • In another sharing, he shared that Alibaba had no income for first 3 years of business, not until the escrow service was launched.
  • The vision of Alibaba to help China's manufacturers to go global was a strategy that was timely and socially enterprising - it benefited everybody especially the people of China.
  • The combined effect of Internet pioneer, social enterprise, China's manufacturing power, e-commerce for world market deserves a place in the textbook of Harvard business schoool.
  • Jack Ma is the role model for everybody; he didn't attend Harvard yet is successful globally through his raw intellect, honesty, risk-taking strategy, hard-work, helping-people and perserverance
  • I believe that I can learn from Jack Ma and agree to this strategy of 'Global vision, local enterprise'