Ying Communications and CatchOn Release Report on Tech's Impact on Travel Industry

Data received : 23-Aug-2018

Technology has brought the world to our fingertips – literally. Over the last decade, technology has advanced the travel industry and transformed the way travelers experience the world. With a few taps on a touch screen, you can book someone’s apartment on the other side of the world, or seek travel advice on the best sights of the city.

Ying Communications, Asia's leading integrated B2B communications agency, and CatchOn, a leading marketing and branding agency in Hong Kong, have partnered to launch a report, What the Tech? Astonishing Ways Technology Is Changing Travel Experiences. The report details the trends stemming from the crossover between the travel and technology industries. Far from dehumanising travel, these latest technologies are actually making travel experiences richer and more personal.

Here’s a quick peek at some of the trends:
  • Internet of Things (IoT) — With IoT, travellers can wake up to the scent of a perfect cup of coffee at the click of a button. Hotels can program showers to come on at an optimal temperature to help guests kickstart their day.
  • Blockchain — Imagine travelling to an airport, catching a plane, arriving at a hotel and walking straight to the room without ever encountering a single queue or having to share any personal information. This could soon be a reality with the adoption of blockchain-based biometric devices
  • Robotics — Many believe there’s no replacing the human customer service agent. Or is there? Robots are already guiding passengers and cleaning up after them in Korea’s Incheon Airport and ferrying baggage autonomously across England’s Heathrow and Gatwick Airports.