Singaporeans are less satisfied with their employers compared to others in APAC

Data received : 15-Oct-2018

Key Take-Aways:
  • Mercer announced the findings of its Enabling your talent to thrive: Singapore Employee Engagement Index for the second year.
  • The findings show that employee engagement in Singapore has declined consistently over the last three years — this is in stark contrast to the upward trend observed in employee engagement across the globe.
  • Only 72% of Singaporeans are satisfied with the companies they work for compared to 82% of their counterparts in Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam.
  • Singaporeans are less likely to endorse their organizations as good employers — 76% of employees in APAC would advocate for their companies as good places to work, while only 67% of employees are willing to do so in Singapore.
  • What may be a case for worry is that even among the engaged employees, only a small fraction are reportedly enthusiastic about going above and beyond their scope of work to help their companies thrive. Only 70% of the employees feel they have enough opportunity to continually learn and grow despite the growing emphasis and investment on learning and development at most organizations today.
  • Only 63% feel their career goals can be met by their employers.
Overall Engagement levels across Asia Pacific

  • Peta Latimer, CEO of Mercer in Singapore said initiatives aim at improving employee engagement continues to represent a significant opportunity - not just for businesses but also for the economy as a whole.
  • Ms. Latimer said that engagement represents the best opportunity for Singapore to optimize the human capital it has. If performance and productivity are a combination of individual talent and engagement, the best way to optimize talent is to ensure it’s engaged.
  • Mercer’s Singapore Employee Engagement Index is based on responses from more than 45,000 employees in Singapore, representing various industries and jobs from global and local multinationals. It assessed employee engagement by measuring the level of pride, motivation and commitment employees have toward the organizations they work for.
  • Mercer delivers advice and technology-driven solutions that help organizations meet the health, wealth and career needs of a changing workforce.

Results from Singapore, based on 2017 survey results