Key Announcements from Oracle Open World 2018 - Day 1

Data received: 23-Oct-2018
Location: San Francisco

Key Take-Aways:
  • The Oracle OpenWorld 2018 (OOW 2018) had more than 60,000 customers and partners from 175 countries and 19 million virtual attendees.
  • It centered around Oracle’s two main focus areas, autonomous and business applications, and how new capabilities will help companies become more data driven and modernize their back office across finance, HR and Marketing.
  • Larry Ellison shared the company’s vision of the ‘Next Era of Cloud’, and previewed significant new capabilities and deployment options for the Autonomous Database.
  • Larry Ellison also shared his vision on the ‘Second Generation Cloud’ where he said that it is purpose built for the enterprise and more technologically advanced and secure than any cloud on the market.

  • Larry Ellison, Executive Chairman of the Board and Chief Technology Officer of Oracle Corporation, said that it has become a big problem that the industry is witnessing the current state-of-the-art cloud defenses vulnerable to cyberattacks, it means those solutions are just not good enough.
    • The ‘Second Generation Cloud’ is a fundamental re-architecture of the cloud
    • Results in two key technologies developed:
      • Impenetrable Barrier - dedicated network of cloud control computers perimetering the safe zones
      • Autonomous robots - find threats and kill them.
Larry Ellison explaining the 2nd Gen Cloud

Editor's comments:
  • Oracle is committed to provide the best solutions with a simple objective : to protect your data.