Malaysia Budget 2019 Commentary by NEM Malaysia

Data Received : 3-Nov-2018:

Key Take-Aways:
  • Industry 4.0 – NEM Foundation welcomes the Government’s move to initiate measures to accelerate the adoption of, and access to, disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain. This will have a truly transformative impact on Malaysian businesses and drive innovation, efficiency and productivity across industries.
  • Funding Entrepreneurship – NEM Foundation agrees with the Government’s stand that the private sector leads efforts to support local entrepreneurs and drive a creative and innovative entrepreneurial economy. We laud the move to make financing and funding more accessible to support new technology ventures while also focussing on efficiency in delivering such support, and matching funds from the private sector.
  • Digital Economy – NEM Fondation looks forward to more detailed plans from the Government on regulating digital asset exchanges and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) in early 2019.
  • Women in the WorkforceNEM Malaysia welcomes the Government's efforts to empower women in the boardroom and the workforce.

Lance Cheang, Programme Director, conducting a briefing on Apr 2018

  • Stephen Chia, Council Member & Regional Head, Southeast Asia, Foundation, said that Blockchain will impact how organisations in every industry manage their information and data in a cost-effective, efficient and secure way to benefit their customers; therefore, Blockchain is relevant the Industry 4.0 trend.
  • Jasmine Ng, Director, Investment & Special Projects, NEM Malaysia, said NEM Malaysia’s Women in Blockchain Asia initiative features local and global talented, successful personalities sharing and exploring opportunities in blockchain technology, which is rapidly growing here and around the world.
Stephen ChiaJasmine Ng
  • Nem Malaysia is committed to educating and increasing awareness among the private and public sector on how blockchain technology can protect sensitive information, improve efficiency in processes and transactions, reduce costs of doing business and ultimately, build trust among the public and in the economy.
  • Nem Malaysia is actively engaging and supporting local entrepreneurs and startups through awareness building, training and funding initiatives to help them on understand and develop innovative services and solutions using blockchain technology
  • Nem Malaysia is committed to making Malaysia a local and regional blockchain hub to benefit and create value for entrepreneurs, startups and organisations of all sizes, and stimulate innovation and creativity in the economy. 
NEM Innovation Centre at Damansara Glo, Kuala Lumpur

Editor's Comments:
  • The editor suggests Nem Malaysia to assist the government with the process of regulating digital asset exchanges and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) - the timing is excellent given the Blockchain and Token industries are still at 'startup' stage, thereby allowing Malaysia to take the lead towards becoming a global hub in terms of tokenomics.
  • Nem Malaysia is doing a great job at promoting Blockchain technology across the Malaysian technology and business landscapes and has inspired many local technopreneurs to start new projects based on Blockchain.
  • Nem Blockchain offers businesses to rapidly adopt Blockchain technology via a comprehensive software integration platform at low startup cost.

Malaysia Budget 2019 Commentary – NEM Foundation and NEM Malaysia.