McAfee : Enterprise Underestimated Cloud Data Risks

Date Received : 30-Oct-2018:

Location : Malaysia

At its Asia Pacific MPOWER Cybersecurity Summit, McAfee released its Cloud Adoption and Risk Report, analysing billions of cloud events to assess the current state of cloud security. Of note, the report reveals that nearly one-fourth of data in the cloud puts organisations at serious risk if data is stolen or leaked. ​

Enterprises everywhere take advantage of cloud for speed, scale, increased agility and collaboration. This new report echoes the fact that it is all too easy to neglect securing data in the cloud, and as a result it is much more exposed than organisations may think. ​

The report is attached for your reference and some key findings from the report include, but are not limited to: ​
  • 21% of all files in the cloud contain sensitive data, up 17% from 2016 ​
  • The number of files shared in the cloud with sensitive data has increased 53% year-over-year (YoY) ​
  • Most organizations think they use about 30 unique cloud services, while findings demonstrate they use close to 2,000 ​
  • Sharing sensitive data with an open, public link has increased by 23% from 2016 ​
  • 48% of all files in the cloud are eventually shared ​