MediaMath 2018 APAC Holiday Playbook

Data received : 12-Nov-2018:

With the advent of globalisation and e-commerce, countries such as Singapore and Japan have started participating in major shopping holidays such as Black Friday and even Singles’ Day (Nov.11). In fact, sales have skyrocketed, with the 2018 edition of Singles’ Day breaking 2017’s record by racking up more than US$30.8 billion (214 billion yuan) in the 24-hour shopping event.

As the holiday shopping season officially begins, advertisers looking to target holiday shoppers must be strategic in adjusting their marketing spend across channels to grab consumers’ attention. To help advertisers make the best decisions for their campaign strategy, MediaMath has released the 2018 APAC Holiday Playbook – which contains an overview of the market trends from Holiday 2017 that may inform this year, along with analyses of MediaMath’s own campaigns run during the holiday season.

Here's a couple of interesting insights from the playbook:
  • Research for gifts starts early: More than half of holiday shoppers said they started researching potential purchases in October or earlier. While only a third of these consumers were actually purchasing at this point, many already know what they want and what price they’re willing to pay when it comes time to buy.
  • Make the bid in December: According to a MediaMath analysis of global holiday campaigns that ran on our platform last year, APAC is busiest right at the beginning of December and then right on Christmas Eve. Marketers should be aggressively bidding in early December to secure conversions early.
  • Make use of video to capture the attention of target shoppers early in the awareness phase: Follow up video branding campaigns with native, display and other formats to bring consumers down the funnel.
  • Mobile is the preferred channel: In APAC, 59% of impressions came from mobile, proving the need to invest in mobile inventory as part of omnichannel holiday campaigns