MediaMath Announces Guaranteed Viewable Market

Date received : 5-Nov-2018:
Location: Singapore

A recent media-quality report from Integral Ad Science showed that countries such as Singapore and Hong Kong had higher fraud risk (at 20.7% and 14.0% respectively) as compared to other countries in the Asia Pacific region. This is due to the higher digital spend and CPMs that attract ad fraudsters. In response to such risks, MediaMath today announced the release of the Guaranteed Viewable Market, which offers impression-level verification powered by MediaMath’s enterprise identity solution, delivering exclusive access to 100% viewable, 100% fraud free media.

Operating seamlessly with MediaMath’s open identity stack and artificial intelligence solutions, the Guaranteed Viewable Market brings the promises of blockchain – transparency, trust and immutable consensus – to digital marketing today.

Launched in collaboration with Underscore CLT, the Guaranteed Viewable Market offers inventory in DOOH, desktop and mobile web display. Key benefits of the Guarantee Viewable Market include:
  • Guaranteed 100% viewable, fraud-free market, verified by industry-leading partners Moat and DV
  • Credit back for spend on non-viewable inventory and any inventory suspected of Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT)
  • Marketers do not pay for impressions that fall short of the market’s performance requirements
  • No need to contract, tag or reconcile outside verification partners
  • Engineered ready to implement future blockchain technology to enforce business obligations
“The Guaranteed Viewable Market is the ideal supply chain architecture in digital marketing today,” said Lewis Rothkopf, MediaMath’s head of supply products. “Buying viewable media is notoriously difficult to execute and even more difficult to scale, preventing viewable media from contributing outsized ROI for brands. Not anymore. We’ve created a simple, scalable means to activate viewable, fraud free media across channels. It’s the way marketing should work.”