OutSystems Releases AI Modules to Empower Enteprises with Low-code AI Developments

Data Received : 26-Nov-2018
Location: Singapore

Key Take-Aways:
  • OutSystems announced outsystems.ai, a new program that advances the company’s mission to bring the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) to software development. The project introduces a new outsystems.ai domain, names a new head of the OutSystems AI/ML group, and launches new and ongoing research into AI-assisted software development.

  • The outsystems.ai project builds on the company’s previously announced “Project Turing” AI initiative - eight months ago The project has established a new AI Center of Excellence in Lisbon, committed 20 percent of the company’s overall R&D budget to AI/ML, and developed partnerships with industry experts, tech leaders, and universities to drive original research and innovation.

  • On Nov 2018, Gartner identified AI-Driven Development as a Top 10 strategic technology trend for 2019.

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  • Paulo Rosado, CEO of OutSystems, said that the launch empowered enterprises with AI-assisted development.
  • Antonio Alegria, head of OutSystems AI group said one of the core challenges of the Project Turing was to evolve bi-directional communication between man and machine.

    OutSystems is exploring the use of AI and machine learning techniques such as neural program synthesis and natural language processing to improve software development in enterprises across the region.
  • Mark Weaser, Vice President, Asia Pacific, OutSystems said this launch is in line with enterprise customers whose focuses are on building more intuitive applications.
  • OutSystems also announced its Early Access Program (EAP) for outsystems.ai’s new application development AI co-pilot, the developer’s intelligent right hand for faster, more intuitive development. EAP participants will get early access to outsystems.ai applied research that can accelerate application development by 25 percent. Through usage and feedback, EAP participants will also help OutSystems improve the accuracy of outsystems.ai and influence the roadmap of outsystems.ai moving forward.

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Editor's comments:
  • This is a game changing move.
  • Many enterprises are slow to adopt AI due to the high cost of investment because AI projects are considered more R&D than ROI nature.
  • This launch will yield greater adoptions of OutSystems in the enterprise space, especially in the APAC region where the focus on AI development is still lukewarm.
  • Startups in the APAC region have higher adoption rates of AI development than enterprises.

OutSystems Expands Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Initiative with Launch of outsystems.ai