Vodafone Announces Brand Refresh as key priorities for 2019

Data received : 5-Dec-2018:

Vodafone today announced a brand refresh for its enterprise division, now called Vodafone Business. The brand refresh demonstrates Vodafone’s renewed focus on putting customers and tangible business outcomes at its core, showcasing its commitment and ability to work in partnership with organisations of any size.

Additionally, Vodafone also launched its Global Trends Report for 2019, designed to allow better understanding of customer needs and challenges and to offer insight into how businesses can embrace key trends to their advantage. Drawn from primary research with businesses, industry analysts, consultancies, futurologists, key findings include:
  • Technology-led disruption is putting people at the heart of the business

    Businesses need to take a people centric approach to get ahead of changing customer needs in a market that is being reshaped by technology, and do so at speed. Over four in five businesses see the needs of their customers changing (85%), and a similar proportion recognise that the country around them is changing faster than ever before (80%).

  • Commercial success is tied to purpose, ethics and trust

    With companies going toe-to-toe with price points and new offerings, they need to seek differentiation in new areas and manage perceptions of their organisations carefully. Four in five organizations recognise that acting ethically generates more revenue for their companies (83%). Businesses that believe in AI governance are also those in the manufacturing sector and ones who rate themselves highly for being focused on innovation.

  • A balance is being struck between human and machine

    Leaders are recognising the need to create an environment that allows people to thrive, supported by automation and machines, and employees’ expectations of the future of work is changing. A large majority (85%) recognise that humans will need to work alongside Artificial Intelligence in the future but also see that AI will bring challenges. These may be from outdated technology holding them back (63%) or from issues not fully understood yet (78%).