Internet Society: Concentration of Power is Altering the Internet Economy

Date : 27-Feb-2019
Location: Singapore

The Internet Society, a global non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring the open development, evolution, and use of the Internet, today, released the “2019 Global Internet Report – Consolidation in the Internet Economy.”

The report highlights the growing influence of a few powerful players in the Internet Economy and discusses what it could mean for the future of digital communications, connectivity and commerce.

The rise of a small group of large players who have so much control over the internet could contribute several risks to the Internet as we know it, these are:
  • the potential for more limited choice in the marketplace
  • the lack of platform diversity may create significant economic dependencies, including the risk that companies will become too big to fail
  • the impact on interoperability and standardization
  • regulatory responses to consolidation that may have unintended consequences to the global Internet
The Internet Society suggests that key stakeholders need to assess how best to address industry concentration as it relates to customer choice, interoperability, regulation and resiliency.