SAS announces $1 Billion investment in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Date : 19-Mar-2019
Location : Singapore

SAS announced today that it is investing $1 billion in Artificial Intelligence (AI) over the next three years in software innovation, education, expert services and more. The $1 billion commitment will focus on three main areas:
  1. Research and Development (R&D): Building on its strong foundation in AI which includes advanced analytics, machine learning (ML), deep learning, natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision, SAS is investing in R&D innovation in all core areas of AI, with a special focus on making it easy for users with different skill levels to benefit – from business experts to data engineers to data scientists.
  2. Customer Education and Development Initiatives: In efforts to help organizations and professionals get AI-ready at any level, SAS is investing in initiatives such as the SAS Academy for Data Science – tailored AI curricula for businesses delivered through e-learning and in-person training in AI technologies. In Singapore, SAS launched its Business Intelligence & Analytics Program (BIA), supported by the Info-communications Media Development Authority, to enable AI and ML skills in the next generation of data scientists. Now in its eighth year, the SAS BIA programme has seen 100% hiring rates for graduates, across the public and private sectors.
  3. Resources and talent: SAS will augment its AI expertise through additional resources in Professional Services, Centers of Excellence, Education and R&D.

 SAS supports customers across the globe with the technology, skills and support required to drive digital transformation initiatives. Closer to home, Japanese investment bank Daiwa Securities engaged SAS to develop an AI-powered recommendation system to analyse and predict changes for each customer, and recommend the most suitable product or appropriate follow-up message. This helps Daiwa’s sales representatives to better engage customers and reduce churn.

In line with its investments in AI, SAS also announced its newest headquarters building. The 420,000 sq. ft. tower features several AI and ML innovations, as well as thousands of IoT connected sensors that monitor and optimize water and energy use, and enhance predictive maintenance. Underscoring SAS’ commitment to sustainability, nearly half of the new building’s power is also supplied by the adjacent SAS Solar Farm.