Why an internal IT team need managed services platform ? (Insight Series #2)

Insights Series #2:

A managed services platform liberates IT and operations teams to focus on more strategic, value-add tasks such as improving the customer experience, maximising cost efficiencies, and exploring emerging technologies.

In other words, in order for internal IT teams to buckle up to the growing demands of the digital world; they are often left with a stretched and thin-sliced resource, merely enough to deliver and maintain the infrastructure; therefore stripping them the focus on the core activities of supporting and transforming the company's core business processes which are important to generate revenues.

Just think of it as an IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) that comes with technical support, consultancy and professional services.

Case study:

Dimension Data Introduces Next-Generation Managed Services Offering to Accelerate Client Innovation

Christian Saldias, IT Manager at ALMA, a Dimension Data Managed Services customer, commented that the company needed support from a company that has all the expertise which they don't.

Image by: unsplash-logoRaul Varzar