Agorize Meets Businesses Outsourcing Needs, Raises $ 14.6 million in Series B

Date : Apr 2, 2019
Location: Hong Kong

Agorize raise of US$ 14.6 million in Series B funding led by Creadev, alongside Sofiouest and existing equity holders, Iris Capital and Capnamic Ventures. This fundraising will allow Agorize to step up international growth and meet the growing demand from large corporate companies for Open Innovation solutions.

This new round of funding takes the total amount raised to US$ 19 million since the startup was founded in 2011.

Agorize allows connects businesses and organizations to connect with innovators from across the world for software project development outsourcing needs.

Over the last 18 months, Agorize has deployed its sales teams and opened offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Germany, and Canada.

Agorize satisfies the transformation and agility requirements of large corporates needing to ramp up the pace of their innovation development, bring about a shift in company culture and pinpoint talent and partners in innovation.

The innovator community is about 5 million strong.

The platform is operating on SaaS business model.

Agorize Asia Team